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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pathetic Performance of India in 1st Super 8 Match of T20 WC

Since last few days news floated in media that Indian team is not gellling well as unit and there is some or other problem is there, however MS brought his entire team to press conference an tried to clear the doubts but the underneath story known to everyone after yesterday's match against WI where Team India failed miserably. There was no co-ordination and planning seen in yesterday's match and I doubt whether Team India will reach to the Semis and retain its crown.
Apart from the Team performance what was more striking was the batting style of MS where he struggled to every ball I think MS should rethink about his batting and start playing the way he he was playing at the beginning of his career. I also feel that if he continues to bat defensively then it will not good from his confidence and it will also have negative effect on the team as well.
The kind of batting line-up India is having I think Gambhir should play the role of anchor and other players who are hard hitters have to play around Gambhir included MS Dhoni. I think time has come, now Dhoni has back himself and play naturally so that we win more matches and MS Dhoni also have to take clue from the Ganguly's book how to keep the team united, I think Ganguly was best captain India had in terms of keeping team united and example of that was he sacrificed the one-day opener spot for Sehwag and Tendulkar in the interest of team. So Dhoni has to learn how to sacrifice.
Best of luck to India for next match against SA