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Monday, March 14, 2011

Chokers beat Jokers. Tough times ahead for Team India & arrogant Dhoni

Finally Team India faced defeat in the World Cup after giving signs of losing all the previous matches they played. The choker Proteas beat India and got rid of their chokers tag and India got the jokers tag. Even small teams like Zimbabwe took a dig  over Indian team's performance, Alan Butcher, coach of Zimbabwe said in a press conference that we are not as bad as Indian team  and even we don't lose atleast 9 wickets for 29 runs and media across the globe is laughing on India's batting debacle and Dhoni's poor strategies. One more harsh fact, India has not done well in the ICC tournaments since 2007 so I request cricket lovers and fans, not much keep  any big expectations from this poorly led team. This is not Team India, it is Team Dhoni 

We just bask in glory that Sachin made so many hundreds, we have best batting line-up in the world. But what is the use of such batting line-up when they fall like nine-pins after dominating the most part of the game or series. If we see this World Cup we will find that on two instances we played big teams and we lost on one instance and tied on another after dominating the game. Team India even faltered against minnows like Netherlands, Ireland and Bangladesh, however Team India was lucky enough to win these games in the end. India's chance of qualifying for the quarter-finals is also in jeopardy now after their poor show against Proteas and one or two upset can keep India out of the Quarter-Finals.

First and important thing required for winning or doing well in the tournament like World Cup is to have a settled batting order. But due credit to MS Dhoni's arrogance, that hasn't happened. We saw in first match when India went with proper batting-order they put up huge score on the board. Team India needed that settled look in next matches also but Dhoni shuffled batting -order so much that player like Virat Kohli after scoring brilliant hundred in the first match has just accumulated 55 runs from next 4 games. So what is the ideal and settled batting order? Its not a rocket science but Dhoni don't want to understand that. Tendulkar and Sehwag are ideal openers, No.3 belongs to Gautam Gambhir, No.4 belongs to Virat Kohli, No.5 is Yuvraj Singh, No.6 is Yusuf Pathan and No.7 is Dhoni.. This is ideal batting line-up but what Dhoni did, he shuffled the batting-order and lost the momentum in batting which India got in first match against Bangladesh. The person who were affected most because of this shuffling are Virat Kohli and Yusuf Pathan who are now in doubt about their role in the team. Pathan and Kohli now in two minds and that is not a great sign for Team India.

Bowling is also big worry and that is also because of Dhoni's poor strategies. I think bowlers could have done well had Dhoni given them attacking field but Dhoni kept defensive fields and allowed opposition batsmen to take easy singles and which did not put any pressure on opposition batsmen and forced them to play rash shots. Moreover he did not field best combination. Sreesanth although gone for plenty in first match and sitting out till now just because of one poor performance. But what about Nehra and Munaf. They also gone for plenty but they are not out of the squad. Dhoni kept Sreesanth out on the basis of just one performance and kept playing other bowlers even after their repeated failures only because he is having personal grudge with Sreesanth. You need to give space to your bowler and help him rather than warning him through media. Sreesanth is a match-winner and have the knack of picking up wickets. Its fine he is bit aggressive but fast bowlers have to be aggressive. I never heard Ponting or Smith warning their bowlers even their bowlers behaved in worst possible manner on the ground. If guy is having potential then you have to back him. Take a example of Sourav Ganguly, how he backed Bhajji in his initial years. Bhajji was more worse than Sreesanth. He was expelled from the NCA because of his behaviour, yet Ganguly backed him and never criticised him and look where Bhajji is today.

I believe World Cup is over for Team India and if fans are thinking India will go into semi-finals then forget it. It will not going to happen. The team which was considered main contenders for the title before the start of tournament are now considered doubtful even for the quarter-finals forget about winning the trophy. Poor captaincy and brainless strategies of Dhoni cost India dearly so far and going to affect in coming days as well. When any captain says in a mid-tournament 'that one defeat is certain', one can easily understand what kind of mind-set captain is carrying and what message he is conveying to his team. Even personal performance of Dhoni with the bat is also dipped badly in last 1 year. World Cup is over for India if Dhoni continues to make mistakes. If you don't have any brains then atleast you have to listen to the people who have some brain but in arrogance Dhoni is not listening to that as well. He said in post match interview that we are not playing for crowds. Mr. Dhoni, tell me one thing if crowd stop watching the game then from where you will get those big fat endorsements.Its the cricket lovers money which drives the game so stop making such non-sense statements and concentrate on the job which you have to do and improve your performance rather than targeting cricket lovers.

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