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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Once Mohinder Amarnath,a great cricketer of our country called selectors as 'Bunch of Jokers' and I believe that is absolutely true till date. Last week Indian ODI team selected and I feel one player who deserved to be in this team is Karnataka player Robin Utthappa but to my surprise he's been ignored once again. This year he performed well in IPL and now doing very well in domestic matches but I feel selection committee don't even consider him. I feel Robin Utthappa is very talented player and the way he plays I feel he can easily match Virender Sehwag in stroke-making and in absence of Virender Sehwag I feel he was deserving candidate for the opening slot. But selection committee had other ideas to my surprise. Robin is not ignored this time, he's been continuously ignored by our selection committee. Players like Rohit Sharma got the chances many times despite their repeated failures but Robin was not given any chance to make a come-back into the team. Another player who has been not considered is young talented Manish Pandey who plays for Karnataka. In domestic circuit he is rated very highly by experts but he is also ignored by the selection committee. I feel when you rest your senior players then you must give chance to deserving players. There is question mark on Murali Vijay's selection. No doubt he performed well in his last test-match and also performed well in T20 Super league but his ODI record is very poor and whatever chances he got in ODIs, he literally wasted them. He is in the team because selection committee chairman hails from Tamil Nadu and fortunately Murali Vijay also play for Tamil Nadu and that goes in Vijay's favour as far as his selection is concerned.Three of our senior cricketers are in last leg of their career and it is the time when you have to try out few youngsters like Robin Utthappa and Manish Pandey who can replace these greats. Time has come now for selection panel to select players on merit and not on the basis of Zonal bias.

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