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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lot of Cricket on offer for Indian Cricket Lovers for next 12 months

45 days long  ICC Cricket World 2011 just got over and India emerged as champions. Indian team must be very tired because of long season because prior to World Cup they played 3 Tests and 5 ODI series in South Africa and prior to that they played Australia and New Zealand at home. But there is no reprieve for the cricketers as non-stop cricket will continue and there is not a single month in this year when Team India will get some rest. Every month there is cricket. Its  good news for cricket lovers but think about players. How much toll their body will face due to this non-stop cricket. We often talk about fatigue and its impact on the performance of the cricketers. Especially Indian cricketers, who play cricket for whole year and there is no rest for them. Take a example of the performance of English team in World Cup. They poor performance in the World Cup was result of their busy cricket schedule and fatigue played important part in England’s performance  Lets look  at Indian team's cricket calendar this year.

Schedule of Indian Team:
No. of Matches
Indian Premier League
74 Matches
West Indies Tour
1 off T20, 5 ODIs and 3 Test Matches
England Tour
5 Practice Games, 1 off T20, 5 ODIs and 4 Test Match.
West Indies and England will tour India
5 ODis and 1 off T20 with England. 3 Test Matches and 5 ODIs with West Indies.
Nov - 2011
Feb -2011
Australia Tour
4 Test Matches and 7 ODis

Indian team is going to play too much cricket in next 12 months and this will going to end career of few players because if you play without any rest then injuries and fatigue definitely get to your body and with minimum recovery time its not possible to perform at full potential, that means dip in performance and it will result into end of career.

I think BCCI and ICC have to think about  the players. They are human being and not the machine. If they will continue plying too much cricket then there is no guarantee of consistent performance. I think commercial aspect of cricket also force such kind of calendar and wherever Indian team play there is certainty of profits for cricket boards. After winning World Cup, Indian team is in very much demand and every country wants to play against India. If we take something positive out of this calendar, then we can say young domestic cricketers will definitely benefit from this busy calendar because some or other frontline cricketer will definitely miss one or two series due to injury or because of some other reason and this will give opportunities to the young cricketers to showcase their talent on world stage.

For cricket lovers lot of cricket coming up. For BCCI and ICC, its time make lot of money.

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