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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Its not been long since Pakistani cricketers were in spot of doubt for fixing. Allegations made on them in Australia, then in England and above all a big bookie Mr. Mazhar Majid clearly stated the name of 4 players who were involved in match-fixing but PCB didn't bother to take any action against these tainted players and tried to let go this serious issue. Yesterday, once again 7 players name came out in fixing and name is stated by same bookie Mr.Mazhar Majid. Earlier four players Mohd. Asif, Mohd. Aamer, Salman Butt and Kamran Akmal were involved now there are 3 more players involved in the fixing and thse 3 names are Wahab Riaz, Imran Farhat & Umar Akmal, so this issue now become very serious and it is putting question-mark on the reputation of the game which is known as 'Gentlemen's game'. 

When Zulkarnain Haider ran to UK from UAE, he came under lot of flak from PCB and banned for life-time but I think whatever he did was correct and instead of selling his country like his 7 other team-mates, he preferred to leave the game but this incident also failed  put any pressure on PCB. But time has come now for ICC to take strict action against PCB and its players because I feel some of the top officials from PCB are also involved in fixing and also sharing the money and thats why PCB is reluctant to take any action. But ICC has to understand one thing such kind of incident bringing disrepute to the game of cricket. If today ICC don't take harsh action against PCB and its players then in future many such incidents of fixing will happen and players will do it knowing that nobody will do anything against them even if they found guilty. I must mention here that ICC has to take action against those Pakistani players also who provokes young cricketers to get involved in fixing and give them threat of their place in the side if they don't agree to fixing. Big example is Zulkarnain Haider who took retirement because he denied to get involve in fixing even after the threats.

In past there are many examples available where players found guilty were punished. Prime examples are Mohd. Azharuddin, Salim Malik, Ajay Jadeja, Hansie Cronje, Herschelle Gibbs. Players like Shane Warne and Mark Waugh though didn't get any punishment for their deeds of sharing information with bookies.If we have to keep good reputation for the game of cricket then harsh action is necessary against guilty players.
I hope ICC will consider the situation and act tough on the issue which haunting cricket-world. 

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