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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar - The Colossus

Finally wait is over for Sachin's 50th test ton. Yesterday at Super Sports Park, Centurion, Sachin completed his 50th test century which got delayed for two months. Now what lies ahead of Tendulkar. I must say its winning World Cup 2011 and 100 centuries in International cricket. At the moment he is 4 centuries away from this milestone. He has completed 50 centuries in test matches but he is on 46 in ODIs and I feel he will achieve this feat as well within next 3 months. But I must say Sachin Tendulkar is now above all the numbers. He is colossus. He is on top. 

You can't compare his achievement with any other sports-person and if compared then it will be unfair. You can't compare him with Pete Sampras, Roger Federar, David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Vishwanathan Anand, Michael Schumacher, David Beckham, Ronaldo, Usen Bolt, Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson and list continues. He is far above from all these great players because nobody from the above list carried hopes of billion people on his shoulder for more than 2 decades and performed consistently under all the pressures and created new milestones and records. If we look at his achievements we can say, he has achieved so much but you have to understand under what circumstances he has achieved all his records. Every time he goes out to play, there are hopes of billions of  people associated with him because these people consider him GOD and expect him to do something which nobody had ever done so pressure on him is immense and  great thing about him is that, he seldom fails to the expectations and always fulfill these wishes of billion people. He is the only player who gets standing ovation on all the grounds when he goes out for batting which is in itself is an achievement and say everything about this great-man. 

Every sports person has some or other controversies to their credit but it is Sachin Tendulkar who never  created any controversy after playing for more than two decades which is also a record. He is a role model for society as well as for this entire world. His greatness can't be assessed because after achieving so much in his career he is still  a very down-to-earth person and his feet are perfectly grounded. Every parent in India want his child to be like Sachin Tendulkar and that in itself is an achievement and I don't find too many sports-person in this world carries this kind of impact on society. I think time has come now to honour him with Bharat Ratna. If we honour him with this award I think we will be saying thank you to him for all he has done for the country and made us proud. He is the one who bring smiles on the grim faces. So Tendulkar's achievement list is too long and no matter how much you talk about him or write about him, everything looks small in front of the stature.

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