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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Discrimination in IPL

Harbhjan sledged T.Suman in a match between MI and DC and Harbhajan was found guilty under Level 1 offence and fined by Match Refree Gundappa Vishwanath. Now, in other match between RR and DC, Symonds sledged Yusuf Pathan  but Symonds neither found guilty nor he was punished. What a discrimination? I feel we are still living under the awe of white skin. My question is why Symonds was not reprimanded or punished when Yusuf Pathan claimed that Symonds sledged him. After that incident whatever Symonds said in media was even more shameless as he clearly said he will continue to sledge and this is the way I play my cricket but none of the authorities took it seriously and punished Symonds for his statement. I want to ask the authorities why only Indian players suffer in case of sledging or misbehaviour, why not other Australian or Englis players punished. Indian players are often punished in International matches for small mistakes while Australians always get away from harsh punishments. There are many examples where Australian players were let go by match refrees for their bad behaviour on the field but nobody speaks about that. Recently in One-Day series against New Zealand, Mitchell Johnson was involved in spat with Scott Styris but Styris was punished and Mitchell Johnson was get away with just warning. Another incident in a Test Match against West Indies recently in Australia where Sulaimen Benn of WI was punished heftily for his misbehaviour but the Australian players involved in the incident just got away with small fine. Indian authorities have to understand that we are paying money to these Australian players for playing in the league they are not obliging us, so please stop pampering them and fine them heftily for their misbehaviour. Punishment should be equal for everybody. We are already suffering at international level and clear discrimination is visible, where on small mistakes our players fined. But this is our league so why not rules are equal for every player.

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  1. You're spot on. Why was Symmo left of without anything and Bhajji punished?