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Saturday, March 6, 2010

West Indies Cricket in Dire States

What a sight when Marshall, Roberts, Holding, Garner were making batsman uncomfortable with their quick and furious bowling? Followed the legacy was Patterson, Walsh & Ambrose but after that its like darkness in West Indies cricket. Likes of Franklyn Rose, Fidel Edwards, Darren Powell disappeared from the scene like egg disappears from magician's hat. Situation is pathetic for West Indies at the moment as they are losing matches like gambler loses in casino and they don't have anybody to inspire them. After humiliating defeat in Australia in all three formats of the game they hit all-time low by losing one off T-20 and One-Day match to minnows like Zimbabwe which also a weakened side after the departure of Flower Brothers, Heath Streak,etc. and eventually lost their Test Status. To get beaten by such team is in itself is a shame for the 2 time World Champions. I think they need extra-ordinary player to lift them up and they hardly have currently in the team to inspire them. Kieron Pollard promised a lot but it seems he is just don't have great temperament and stability in him to inspire the team. I think Mumbai Indians paid him highest amount just on the basis of one innings he played in Champions League last year. He is having talent but I don't think he is using it to the fullest. Some financial loss for Mumbai Indians.

This isn't happened overnight to West Indies. West Indies cricket decline started in 1993 and it seems on grass root level they just don't have much infrastructure to produce great cricketers as they get players who promises but fade away very soon. Its time for ICC to intervene into West Indies cricket and try to revive it by providing funds to them to produce players who can serve country for long time and just don't switch to Basket Ball and go to USA in order to earn their bread. If West Indies go out of cricket world then I think that will be the worst of the day.

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