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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Indian Cricket Team for World Cup T20

T20 World Cup is starting next month and Indian team will be selected tomorrow as per ICC deadline. I believe it is very early to select the team but ICC deadline is 28th March, 2010 so BCCI have to follow the guidelines of ICC. Many key Indian players got injured in on-going IPL circus and I feel India will pay the price at World Cup for these injuries. Last year also team went to the World Cup T20 after IPL and carried lot of injured players and that resulted into disaster for Team India as they couldn't defend their title. This year Gambhir, Dhoni, Nehra, etc.  who are key players of India got injured and I believe, by the time IPL gets over we will see few more injuries and burn-outs. It will  going to be tough for selectors tomorrow to pick the players because they will not get 100% fit players to select from. Selectors also have to look at some good performers who performed in IPL but are not in short-listed 30 players pool. Saurabh Tiwary, Robin Utthappa, and Umesh Yadav are the few who deserves chance along with Manish Pandey . There is no shortage of talent in India as far as cricket is concerned and selectors have to think wisely and pick the players who are in form and doing very well with consistency. Now its upto selectors, not to be biased towards their zones and select the players on the merit. Lastly, Indian team need services of Sachin Tendulkar very badly so I feel Sachin Tendulkar must give his consent for the selection and play in World Cup and bring the trophy.

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