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Friday, February 18, 2011

10 Things You Didn't Know About The World Cup

1. In 1983 , the ICC refused BCCI president N.K.P. Salve a complimentary ticket for the World    Cup final. Angry, he vowed to bring the next Cup to India-and he did.

2. Kapil Dev's miscued sweep off Eddie Hemmings in the 1987 World Cup semi-final is probably the costliest shot played by an Indian in a World Cup. India lost, tickets were cancelled, crores were lost on the betting circuit.

3. Sunil Valson and Sanjay Bangar enjoys the most lucrative return on World Cup effort. Valson did not play single match during the 1983 and Bangar did not play single match during the 2003 World Cup, but received all the awards and rewards given to the team.

4. In return for the World Cup victory in 1975, each West Indian cricketer was rewarded with 350 Pounds. Four year later, Clive Lloyd received 100 Pounds. 

5. For winning the 1983 World Cup, India received no more than 20,000 Pounds.
6. In 1975, it seemed like West Indies , 9 men down, would never be able to score 60-odd needed to beat Pakistan. Gordon Andrews, Lloyd's accountant, put down 50 Pounds on a West Indies victory and West Indies pulled through.

7. In 1992, Michael Whitney, Moin Khan and Aamir Sohail were fined 250 Dollars for arguing with umpires.

8. The 1999 Cup, called the ICC Cricket World Cup, was the first without a title sponsor.

9. General Zia-Ul-Haq gave Courtney Walsh a carpet for not running out non-striker Salim Jaffer with scores tied in the 1987 quarter-final.

10. In 1999, a radio ear-piece worn by Hansie Cronje to talk to his coach in a match was taken away.

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