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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cricket World Cup, Captains and Controversies

India and Pakistan are rivals in all the fields. But now this rivalry has taken new heights as captains of both teams competing hard in creating controversies with their words. 

As far as Dhoni is concerned he is mild captain and often speaks in a very balanced manner but ahead of World Cup he is simply creating lot of confusion and controversies by giving comic and controversial  statements and then changing them next day. He is already in trouble with regard to the ambush marketing as ICC found that he violated the specified rules and regulations of advertisements and promotions. Then in press conference he criticised the schedule of warm-up games ahead World Cup by saying 'they are not mentally prepared to play' and its tiring to play warm-up games and he added that he never played warm-up game even at school level or district level. Somebody must inform him that there are no warm-up games at school and district levels. When he found his statement is creating controversy, he changed his statement next day and said he was wrongly interpreted by the media and he did not mean what it meant by the media. Moreover. instead of showing his concerns about the performance in World Cup and focusing on it he was showing his concerns and worries of not playing in IPL which will follow soon after the World Cup. This clearly suggest that our players are more concerned about the IPL because if they can't play IPL then they will lose big money while playing in World Cup means nothing to them. Dhoni clearly reflected the mentality of today's cricketers who are playing for money and not for the country or its people who just pray for them to win each and every tournament they play and spent lot of time watching cricket in a hope of win. Its is really shameful on your part Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni. 

Shahid Afridi, captain of Pakistan Cricket Team is also in news for wrong reasons. In one of his interview to the Pakistani channel he condemned his country's ex-cricketers and administrators by saying that these people don't know cricket and how to run it. He said, he feels very happy when he gets the chance to fight against these people. He went on to the extent saying that he don't see his team making it to the World Cup finals and   according to him finals will going to be contested between India and Sri Lanka. He said, he is expecting his team to reach at least semi-finals but not sure of it. He also condemned his country's administrators by saying that these people are not doing anything good for Pakistan and can't tolerate anybody's progress as well. He clearly created huge controversy in Pakistan and now god knows what will happen to him. Allah Maalik. 

So both India and Pakistan are competing hard in creating controversies and I feel lot of sensational  things happening before  the World Cup and the way captains and players speaking there minds I believe this World Cup will certainly remembered for its controversies and not for cricket.

By Abhishek Jain
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