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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Indian selectors once again proved themselves bunch of jokers

Once again Indian selectors proved themselves jokers. They selected few injured players in  the World Cup team and Praveen Kumar is one such player who is now ruled out of the entire World Cup. At the time of selection Gautam Gambhir, Virendrer Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, MS Dhoni, Praveen Kumar and Yuvraj Singh were injured and still they got selected on assumption that all these players will regain their fitness ahead of the cricket's mega-event World Cup but finally one of them in Praveen Kumar is  ruled out of the World Cup.

Virender Sehwag already declared in one of his interview that he is doubtful of his full fitness and he will decide about his fitness after attending the conditioning camp at NCA. Sehwag clearly stated in his interview to one of the private news channel that he is having problems with bowling and throwing, so one more jolt to Team India's expectations of winning the elite trophy of cricket. If Sehwag will not be able to ball or throw then why he is in the team just for his batting expertise. International cricket is very demanding physically as well as mentally and injured players can't sustain that pressure so its better that Sehwag must be dropped and Robin Utthappa or Saurabh Tiiwary must replace him in the squad. 

Although Team India have enough capable players but yet selectors selected the injured players for the World Cup and I believe this is a big cheating with cricket lovers. In short selectors always play with the sentiments of  cricket lovers. Before selecting the player in the team their is a rule that suggests that player should be selected on the basis of team physiotherapist's report but I believe our selectors either don't consider the physio report or they don't even ask for the report and yet BCCI talks about transparency in their affairs. I believe selectors have to resign immediately on the grounds of morality and have to accept their mistake and if they don't resign then I feel BCCI must take stringent action against the selectors as they are working as professionals and paid for their services nowadays.. BCCI have to make amendments to their constitution and make these selectors more accountable and transparent otherwise such fiasco will continue to happen and it will be a big loss to Indian cricket and will also reduce the faith of cricket lovers in the Indian cricket.

By Abhishek Jain

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