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Friday, April 23, 2010

Controversy is the name of Indian Cricket

Indian Premier League is now Indian Political League as politicians are competing each other in worst possible manner to get advantage of entire IPL row but nobody is thinking about cricket which has been hit badly because of the IPL scandal and with involvement of family members it has become more dirty as some or other daughters or son-in-laws or brother-in-laws are coming into light every day. It is biggest ever scandal after match-fixing and sadly it also have the element of match-fixing as well. There are politicians, players, administrators, officials, corporate world and government department, all involved in entire controversy of IPL and it will not going to stop immediately and will continue long but believe me at the end of this controversy nobody will be punished except for few people who also be only penalised little bit. In this country ever since independence no politician or powerful person has been punished by law for their misdeeds, only thing which happened was the drama of investigations and believe me no politician will be punished by law this time as well. The entire IPL controversy has happened at a time when Indian Team is going into T20 WC in West Indies and certainly this will affect the morale of the players in the team as well. Players have also come into scrutiny and they have also received notices from various government departments so this will not allow them to focus on cricket hence they will not able to focus on cricket and this will lead to the poor performance in World Cup. Last time in 1990-91  when  match-fixing controversy arose and hit the Indian cricket badly at that time Sourav Ganguly helped Team India to get out of that controversy and made it successful team it was Ganguly’s faith and courage which helped Team India to come out of that crisis but my question is, does Dhoni have that kind of courage and guts? I don’t think so he is as courageous as Ganguly, so bad news for Indian cricket lovers as far as T20 WC is concerns. At this moment news from IPL is all about scams, fixing,etc,etc. and there is little coverage of cricket so interesting battle is more off-the-field not the on-field. As a cricket lover I hope this controversy ends immediately and we  watch more good and competitive  cricket  and not the controversies. Already Indian cricket has been tarnished badly because of IPL and if controversy continues than I feel  Indian cricket will not be able to sustain its reputation in World Cricket. I must mention that now players are also more interested in playing IPL for franchisees who treat them like slaves and the players whom we adore and respect are now the puppets of few businessmen and these people using players like derby horses. I must say I don’t have any respect for cricketers now except for few because these cricketers have lost self-respect so if they don’t respect their self by becoming slaves of franchisees why should we respect them. In short Indian cricket has been transformed completely because IPL.

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