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Saturday, April 17, 2010


The stage at which IPL is right now is very interesting and 5 teams are in line to get into the semis but there are also few incidents happened in IPL which has put cricket on the backstage. Centre-stage is now taken by LSSD (Lalit, Sunanda. Shashi and Dhokha instead of cricket..Since the time two new teams auctioned, it all started and now it is getting ugly and ugly day by day and putting question-mark on integrity of IPL. These incidents have not occurred immediately they were slowly growing up and burst at the time when stakes in IPL went too high. Now spectators and media are interested more in off-field activities of IPL rather than cricket which is integral part of IPL. Lait Modi alleging cabinet minister Shashi Tharoor than cabinet minister attacking back and then enters glamour in form Sunanda Pushkar who is one of the owner of new team Kochi and things go beyond the limit and this angle of  IPL  is giving more TRPs to News Channels so they are covering these stories more than cricket. In all this matter Mr.Shashi Tharoor gets the threat from ‘D’ Company and asked to compromise with Mr. Lali Modi but amazingly no news channel or celebrity is giving importance to this and not talking anything about this which creates bit of suspense in this story, also police is not questioning Lalit Modi regarding this because giving threat to the cabinet minister is also related with national security. I feel threat given to cabinet minister is a very big matter and that too from India’s most wanted gang but surprisingly media is also not giving much importance to that. Coming to cricket in IPL, that too now look like cheating(Dhokha) with spectators because it looks like most of the match are fixed because it can’t be a con-incidence that 5 teams are fighting for semi-final spot after 52 days and yet it will take two more days to get the confirmation on semi-finalists. Many matches played in IPL where one team looked dominating at certain stage but lost the match from the position of strength which raise question-mark. Take example of  DC v/s RCB. Also one can see from DDs performance because this team was certain for semis but now it is struggling to get into the semis.Same was the case with RCB as well. I feel match-fixing and TRPs  of broadcasting channel is mainly responsible for such things because if four teams get qualify for semis early in the tournament than nobody will be interested in watching the matches and this will result into fall in TRPs which means revenue loss for broadcasting channel and with advertising, gate money, sponsorship and merchandising it is not possible to make huge money so match-fixing is also required badly because money stakes are very high and as we all know in India wherever money is involved politicians are also interested to get the pie of that money. It is now like IPL tadka maar ke. Indeed now IPL is baap of all entertainment.

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