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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IPL fatigue affects India's T20 World Cup prospects

League matches in IPL are over and its time for semis and finals but as soon as league matches ended side-effects of IPL come up in open as Virender Sehwag is ruled out of T20 World Cup and advised to rest for 4 weeks because of shoulder injury. Now it is clear that for these star cricketers whom we adore and follow are interested in only money and don’t like to play for the country. For these cricketers franchise team is everything and country stands no where. If Viru knew that he is having shoulder injury why did he  continued playing IPL and why didn’t he took rest because World Cup is scheduled just after IPL and he is the important player for Team India. I feel as the days leads to the World Cup we will see some more injured players and I guarantee India will not going to win this World Cup. Yuvraj is already suffering from hand injury, Yusuf Pathan is having finger injury, Ashish Nehra suffering from rib injury, Gambhir is having groin injury, Dhoni is having elbow injury and list continues because all these injuries happened in IPL or before IPL and yet players kept playing matches in IPL with injuries because they have been paid huge money by franchisees. I believe more atleast 12 to 13 players selected in T20 World Cup are injured and as there is old saying ’Injured army can’t win battle’  and this applies to Team India as well. Now people blame selectors and administrators for this but I feel cricketers are more responsible for their performances and injuries because they have to decide which tournament to play and which not, so blame is entirely on cricketers rather than administrators and selectors as there job is to organise the tournaments and keep earning money for the development of the game but cricketers have to use their brain and have to decide what will be the consequences of excess cricket and believe me these injuries can halt their careers as well, it is that much dangerous. So now on, no expectations from Team India for good performance in World Cup because IPL has already made them fatigue and this will show in their performances during World Cup. 

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