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Monday, April 26, 2010

IPL: More Controversy, Less Cricket

On-field game is over in IPL with CSK becoming champion beating MI on Sunday Night. This IPL will be remembered long time not because of cricket but because of its off-field drama which had everything which makes it blockbuster. Although matches are now over but match between BCCI and Lalit Modi has just begun and it will be more exciting then the on-field cricket. As a cricket lover I must say this was the worst thing that has happened to the cricket after match-fixing and this IPL controversy has certainly tarnished the image of Indian Cricket. How can one person become so powerful that nobody dares to ask him what he is doing or how he is doing? Is that impotent are our cricket administrators? Whatever happened off-the-field on the day of final actually overshadowed the entire match. Nobody was interested in how Sachin Tendulkar played in this match with injury and performed well and this is the irony. In this entire IPL. Lalit Modi was everywhere and cricket was nowhere. Is Lalit Modi is bigger than cricket? At the end of the day Lalit Modi finally shown the door for his misdeeds but yet question arise what other committee members doing when Lalit Modi was behaving like a dictator and brought disrepute to the Indian Cricket. Lalit Modi already suspended but yet he believe that he can rule the Indian Cricket and such is the will power of this man.

On-field IPL is over and now International T20 WC starts from 30th April and as I mentioned in my earlier post India don’t have much chance to win this tournament, I still stick to my words because IPL fatigue and injuries have taken toll of all cricketers and I feel mentally this will hamper the performance badly. To me Australia is the hot favourite to win the tournament and next to them is Sri Lanka who have very good chances of winning it because of the slow tracks in West Indies and they are heavily loaded with slow bowlers and that will play key role to their success. It will will be interesting to see how at what number Indian team finish and last but not the least every eye will be on performance of defending champion Pakistan as they are coming in this tournament after lot of controversies. 

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