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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poor captaincy by Dhoni and great batting from Kallis resulted into India's loss

I must admit here that captaincy of MS Dhoni  was very poor in terms of field placings and applying pressure on Proteas.  When you get 5 wickets of the team for less than hundred then as a captain you are expected to attack the opposition batsmen but to everybody's surprise MS Dhoni set the defensive field and allowed Proteas  to take advantage and pile up big runs and throw India out of the contest. Kallis started brilliantly with his strategy as he played reverse sweep to the great effect against Harbhajan Singh at the start of his innings and unsettled the spinner but I must say had Dhoni put Silly Mid-off, Short Gully, Leg Slip and Forward Short-leg together and persisted with that field then I feel Proteas would have been bowled out cheaply  but Dhoni operated with only Forward Short-leg and lone slip and paid the penalty of losing the match.

I feel result of this match is already out yesterday itself and it has gone  in the favour of Proteas. I am not criticising Dhoni today but I am regularly criticise him on his defensive tactics. Although he has not lost any test series till now but that don't hide his deficiency as captain because he failed to keep the pressure on opposition team even when opposition team is down and out and this allows opposition to come-back in the match and make it difficult for India to win the match. Match is over in Newlands and winner is South Africa. Hats-off to that man great Kallis who stood firmly on the crease and given gift of victory with little help from Boucher and tailenders. 

I feel Dhoni also failed in motivating Sreesanth who was the start performer of the first innings. Dhoni's body language is also very defensive all the time and he try to show the world that he is gentlemen but this is International Cricket and you have show aggression and sieze the initiative. I feel Ganguly was far better captain then Dhoni in terms of motivating his players and getting best out of them. Remember, Harbhajan was having same attitude problem as Sreesanth is having at the start of his career but Ganguly managed Harbhajan properly by backing him and turned him into world-class spinner. I think Dhoni have to meet Ganguly and learn how to keep body language aggressive when you are playing for your country,. It is tough International Cricket.

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