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Monday, January 31, 2011

Watching cricket from pavilion is punishment in Indian sub-continent....

Can see iron wires behind cheer girls
ICC Cricket World Cup, the greatest festival of cricket is around the corner and this time it will be celebrated in sub-continent as India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are going to host it jointly. If we talk about cricket then cricket is religion in the Indian sub-continent. It is life-line for the people of Indian sub-continent. people love and worship this game beyond anything. It is the biggest passion in Indian sub-continent. No other thing unites people better than cricket in Indian sub-continent. 70% of the cricket economy is funded  from Indian sub-continent.  In short Indian sub-continent is super-power of World Cricket but question arise here is that cricket lovers and passionate fans like us treated well at the cricket venues?  Do we get the facilities which we deserve? I must say that people like us who drives the cricket, who watch cricket on TVs and on the grounds and help the respective cricket boards and ICC to make huge amount of money are often treated shabbily and poorly by the authorities and security men. When we go to the ground to watch the match we feel like we are prisoners and watching the match from the jail such is the view of the ground from the pavilion as there is big iron  barrier between ground and the pavilion and if we move just one step towards the boundary wall then security men shout at us like that we are criminals and going to commit some crime.

Streaker hurting Andrew Symonds in Australia
If we see  in countries like Australia, South Africa, England, West Indies, New Zealand, Zimbabwe,etc.  spectators enjoy cricket without any barriers and experience watching cricket in these countries is far more pleasure then watching cricket in sub-continent. Spectators can easily chat with and take autographs from the players on the ground and there is constant interaction goes on between crowds and the players. Facilities at all the grounds in above mentioned countries are top-class and spectators are treated as a spectators and not like prisoners. In Indian sub-continent spectators are not allowed to take along their cameras, mobile phones, water bottles or food items in the pavilion sighting security reasons and each spectator is scrutinise like terrorist. In the mane of security cricket administrators force spectators to buy food and water from the contracted vendors who sell them at high price compare to the market price so spectators is cheated inside the ground as well and have to buy sub-standard food at high price. 

Streaker interrupting test match in England
Now I believe few people can give excuses that  the people of sub-continent don't have manners and also not civilised enough to get the freedom of watching cricket without any barriers but I must say spectators are  same everywhere and poor incidents happens on every ground in the world. Few people can also argue that if spectators in sub-continent get the freedom then they will run on the ground and interrupt the game and also harm the player and incident of such nature also happened in the past but to counter that argument I must draw attention towards the streaker and hooting problems in Australia, South Africa, England and New Zealand. Many times games have been interrupted in the past and players were also hurt by few streakers and mischievous spectators but authorities of these countries always controlled the situation and never tried to make the experience horrible for spectators by building iron barriers between cricket field and pavilion. So few mischievous spectators exist everywhere in the world but this does not mean that we should punish all the spectators but this happens in Indian sub-continent.

Security personnel watching match

Now we talk about security personnel. In countries like Australia, South Africa, England, West Indies, New Zealand, Zimbabwe,etc. security personnel always watch the crowd and keep sharp eye on spectators while security men in Asia just watch cricket rather than watching spectators and unfortunately no action is taken against them if any incident happens on the ground instead spectators pay the price of bad incident.

Spectator cheering his team from behind the bars
I must say  cricket administrators in Indian sub-continent have made the experience of watching cricket horrible for the spectators. Many cricket venues in India don't even have proper sitting and sanitation facilities also. When cricket matches organised on these venues then plastic chairs are taken on rent and in few grounds spectators have to sit on concrete staircase and that too without any roof on the head which makes experience of watching cricket even more horrible. I must say people in other parts of the world are lucky that they watch cricket without any barrier but in Indian sub-continent watching cricket is big punishment. I hope situation improves in the future and watching cricket from the pavilion will be pleasure rather than a punishment  for the spectators of the sub-continent.

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  1. . So few mischievous spectators exist everywhere in the world but this does not mean that we should punish all the spectators but this happens in Indian sub-continent.