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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Advantage India on Day3 at Edens

Superb 2 double century parnerships between Sachin-Sehwag & Laxman-Dhoni has put India in commanding position at Edens on Day3. The way Laxman bats I feel like artist is just at its best. He is one batsman who looks absolute artist when he bats. India sieged the moment today morning by not allowing Proteas to take early wickets with new ball which resulted into the commanding position for India. Dhoni must be credited the way he batted without taking any pressure like he batted in Nagpur. Now here on I must say onus is on our bowlers to do something special and bring home the victory. As far as Proteas are concerned, I feel if they bat well then at most they will be able to draw the match which eventually a victory for them and for that their top 5 have play long innings and have bat atleast 5 sessions. I feel poor fielding cost South Africa dearly as they dropped as many as 5 chances of key Indian batters which I think highly unlike of South African standards. Here I must say Amit Mishra played key role as he saw that first half hour and didn't expose Dhoni early on which is also one of the factor for India gaining big lead.

As far as Proteas are concerned their main four bowlers conceded more than 100 runs which I think Smith couldn't have expected from them after their superb performance in Nagpur and that is the beauty cricket when you feel you are on top suddenly you are biting dust. To sum it up it was great day for Team India but real battle starts from here on to dismantle South African batting. I feel South Africa will fight back to draw this test.

I also think Ishant Sharma has the potential but I think he is not willing to put in that extra as we all saw that spell from him on first day how quick he bowled 3 overs after getting spat from team management, so he needs to be kept on his toes to perform at his best. If he will be insecured about his position in the team I feel he will perform well. At this moment he has taken his place for granted and that is not good for him and the team.

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