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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Magician Sachin humbled Proteas and World

In my last post I wrote about Sachin that he is God and he should be left alone from any comments and I must say why he is God of Cricket, he has proved once again. This time he took toll of Proteas and humbled them as well as world with his magical bat and supreme command over his innings, moreover important thing was he scored all his runs without runner which shows how good his fitness is and he again came on the field when Proteas came out to bat. With this double ton magic in one-day cricket new standards of batting has been set and it will be difficult for anybody to reach that kind standard except Sachin himself.

Whatever Sachin has done in last 20 years I feel nobody even get closer him because its impossible for human beings to reach the level of God and Sachin is indeed a God of cricket. Today when he scored double hundred few experts talking non-sense about his innings like it was flat wicket,bowling attack was weak,etc., tell me how many players got the 200 in ODI even on flatest of the wickets. Last year Rajkot wicket was flat but even Dilshan couldn't achieve that feat, Gibbs chasing 400 above target against Australia couldn't achieve it also. When we talk about bowling attack I must say South Africa is having currently best attack in world and Dale Steyn is No.1 bowler in ICC ranking. So those so-called experts have to keep their mouth shut and enjoy the God on field and must pray that he entertain us forever with his magical bat. When talking about these rubbish comments of experts I must say they have to look at their own records as well and they will get the answer that how flat was wicket and how weak the bowling attack was.

So all in all another great feat achieved by the master and in doing so he entertained us thoroughly with his great batting and I am sure lot many of the same yet to come.

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