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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rain and bad light spoiled India's chance of win

Delayed start due to bad light on 4th day at Eden forced India to take wickets quickly but initially Dhoni didn't show any sign of picking up wickets which was suggestive from his defensive field placing as he started with 2 slips for pacers and only short leg and slips for spinners. Had he started with 3 slips then he wouldn't have missed the Alviro Peterson early on and same way if Dhoni had started with leg gully, leg slip, silly point in addition to forward short leg he must have picked up the Amla as one of the ball from Harbhajan took the edge and flown through leg gully area but that didn't happen and India was lucky despite these missed chances they got 3 wickets on rain curtailed day. Although Dhoni later on improved his field placing and given 3 slips and leg gully but yet I feel after having mammoth lead Dhoni didn't attacked much. Fine bowling display by Amit Mishra and Harbhajan have given chance to India to win this match but I feel weather will play very important role in this match and if it rains tomorrow then it will also wash the number one ranking of Team India.

I hope tomorrow Dhoni will attack more if match starts and try to pick-up wicket quickly if he don't attack much then I think India will not win this Test Match. On the other side Smith must be praying to rain gods. To sum it up there I feel more chance draw in this Test looking to the weather conditions and only 3 sessions of play left.

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