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Monday, February 15, 2010

Eden Test is wide open with 3 wickets falling quickly

With little lead of 46 runs and 5 wickets in hand it seems situation in control for India but don't forget new ball is due and early start will change the course. Openers gave us decent start but again as we seen in this match one wicket leads to another wicket happened again today morning but thanks to Sehwag and Tendulkar for damage control. One wicket on that stage could have tilted the match in Proteas favour but Sachin and Sehwag did great job by not only staying on the wicket but also scoring runs at fair clip. It was evident in the evening how crucial was that pertnership because as one wicket fell, two more wickets fell in quick succession and all of sudden it looked like whatever advantage India had is nullified to an extent because of 3 wickets at the end of the day.

It is now important for MS Dhoni and Laxman to ensure that India have big lead. One more wicket of Dhoni or Laxman will create the havoc so it is important for them to stay at wicket. Lot depends on tail as well if everybody contributes 20 runs from their bat then also India will be having the lead of more that 150 but as new ball is due and Steyn getting back to his wicket taking way I don't think so it will be possible for India to take big lead.

The way 3 wickets fell today in quick succession towards the end, I am sensing collapse of Indian batting line-up tomorrow because Steyn & co. is too hot to handle for lower order batters as we seen in Nagpur.

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