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Monday, February 22, 2010

Shifting of Cricket World Cup 2011 out of sub-continent?

Today Chief Executive of New Zealand cricket Mr. Justin Vaughan expressed his concerns about security in Indian sub-continent and suggested the option of shifting World Cup2011 to Australia and New Zealand. I feel these white countries should keep their mouth shut before making any comments. As we all know India. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh already hosted many sporting events in last one year without any trouble and security was top class during these events. Currently South African team is touring India and tour is in its last phase.

I feel when it comes to sub-continent white countries becomes coward in their approach. They don't feel comfortable touring sub-continent because they feel that they won't be able to cope up with the conditions prevailing in sub-continent and lose the games. Secondly they don't want that Asian countries develop and challenge them, but I must say as far as cricket is concerned India is the cricket hub now and the kind of money and feelings involved with cricket in India is huge. Cricket is not just a game in sub-continent, it is religion.

So I feel if ICC take any such step of shifting World Cup than all 4 teams from sub-continent must boycott the World Cup.

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