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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sachin-The God

I am the fortunate one who watched Sachin's entire debut series against Pakistan way back in 1989 on Doordarshan and I must tell you till now I have watched all his 92 centuries and that itself is a record in itself. There is no word in this world left now which can describe Sachin Tendulkar because all has been used for describing him in last 20 years so we can call him God which is the most common word and apt word for him. No matter how much you admire him it becomes very less such is the stature of this God. There is been saying in India 'If cricket is religion in India , than Sachin is the God' and thats perfectly apt for Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Greatness of the man is such that no matter how big he has become, he is still a very humble and down to earth person and don't get carried away with his success. Manytimes when I hear his criticism nowadays, I feel that it is not worth now because he has now passed the phase where we criticise him for anything because he has done everything for the country in the field of cricket and whatever he is doing is now bonus.

In the last four matches he scored consecutive hundreds but all the hundreds came at the stage when India needed them the most and also don't forget his 100 against Lanka in Ahmedabad which helped India in saving that Test so you can say 5 hundreds in 7 seven matches is quite remarkable. It also shows what is the mental ability of this great man, that he absorbs all the pressure and yet don't give any expression of that pressure, that is commendable and worth learning.

So now let stop criticising Sachin on his failure and just enjoy his successes and keep admiring him for everything he has done and will do in future.


  1. Nice article..why dont u try and write for some news agency as a freelance writer to begin with.