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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great comeback by Team India at Eden

Yes. Indeed its been great comeback by Team India at crowded Eden after biting dust for 1st two sessions of match on First Day. Bhajji made a great comeback at his favourite venue but yet he looks little out of sorts and will take time to come in full rythm. Zaheer as usual gave great start by picking Smith very early but the debutant Peterson and Amla(centurion from Nagpur) put Indian bowlers on the task for 2 sessions and finally Zaheer broke this partnership by getting support from Ishant Sharma, although Sharma got one wicket but he was instrumental in downfall of South Africans by bowling the spell which can be easily compared to his spell in Australia 2 Years back where he troubled Ricky Ponting.

Amla played very well and it looked like he will not get out in this innings as well but one spell from Ishant made him little uncomfortable and which eventually resulted into his wicket. Now Team India in great position to dismiss South Africa under 300 but I feel real test will start for Team India when they bat tomorrow. I think our openers will not give great start to us in this Test as well and I am sensing another collapse of Team India because of the form of Dale Steyn and Co. This I am telling because wicket is greenish in nature and this will trouble our stroke makers to a great deal because it will not going to be easy to play strokes on moving wicket where bowlers move bowl at 140-145 kms. So tough ask for Team India to win this Test match and I feel South Africa looked to me clear winners at Eden.


  1. yeah we'll see..there is nothing in the wicket dude not for 3 days at least.if India bat well and don't forget VVS is back at Eden.It could well turnout to be a leather hunt for the saffies.

  2. You were right Nitin till Sachin Sehwag was playing. Now you see 3 wickets fell in short time and new ball is due. Now everything depends on Lower Order and Captain.