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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sachin Dived for India's Victory at Jaipur

Tension, pressure, excitement,etc. whatever you can say but Sachin hold his nerves and dived to save boundary at Jaipur which eventually helped India to win the match at Jaipur and lead the series. I am amazed to see how many times Sachin saved India by his batting, bowling or fielding. That one run which Sachin saved was responsible for South African defeat and I can say when Sachin is on ground India's hopes never die.

Although India won the match but Dhoni few mistakes which I hope will be corrected in next ODI at Gwalior.

1. Dhoni picked 3 frontline bowlers for the match and relied on Jadeja and Yusuf which was not correct. You have to go with atleast 4 bowlers and when you have bowlers on your bench, why make them tourists.

2. When Virat Kohli is settled on No.3 and doing well why did his batting order changed and forced to play on No.5 and what was Dinesh Kartik doing at no.3 when his record suggest he is better batsman down the order.

3. What Dhoni was doing at N0.4 that also remained the mystery when he is settled No.5 batsman and often finish the matches.

4. Lastly when there were 3 overs of Praveen Kumar remaining, who is playing as your frontline bowler why did Dhoni asked Raina to bowl because from that Raina over course of match changed where Steyn hit him for 2 sixes which gave Proteas the momentum and they almost reached on the verge of victory.

5. Fielding was not all up to the mark and needed to be worked on, although good thing was India didn't drop any catches but the way Proteas fielded they save atleast 30 run whereas Indian team was clearly struggled in ground fielding and conceded 20 runs. I feel in next two matches fielding will decide that who will win the series.
Great innings by Kallis and lower order bashing have boosted the moral of Proteas and I feel they will come-back strongly and put India on the backfoot if India continue to make the mistakes like they did in Jaipur.

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